Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Today's Banking lesson.

Today a lady name Rachel came into class to teach us about credit and credit history. She taught us that if you have good credit than you are more likely to get get a loan from the bank. We also learnt that you get good credit by making payments on time and also that the bank judges your credit by your rent payments and other things like that. Another thing that we learnt was that if you have bad credit you can rebuild it by making more frequent payments, paying on time and by paying back extra.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Today's trip to Stardome's.

Today the whole senior school went to the Stardome observatory in One Tree Hill.
We arrived at the Stardome car park at around 11 am. We exited the bus and found a place to sit under a tree and ate our lunch. Once we had finished our lunch we went and walked around the area that we were allowed to play in. After we had exhausted all the other things to play on we started to Ball Rush which my 2 other friends kept winning round after round soon after we had to go into Stardome. Once we went in we were in the Space Room with our guide Tim. At the start Tim said that we could ask some questions about Space and Astronomy, we asked a series of questions about Space things and Astronomy, Tim gave very detailed answerers to our questions and we learnt a lot.

After our session in the Space Room we were allowed to go out and have a look at the displays but before we left we Tim told us the rules so that we don't break anything. We looked around at all the displays and model Space Rockets until we were called into the observatory.

We walked into the observatory, found a seat and listened to Tim. Tim established the rules of the observatory and then started the movie. The movie was projected onto a big dome that was protruding out if the roof. At times in the movie I thought that I was moving not the movie.

After the Movie Tim showed how to find the planets and the Southern Cross and also a way to find where South roughly is.

We walked out of Stardome and entered the bus which was going back to school.