Friday, 12 July 2013

Limerick (Funny Poem)

1. Once there was a man who lived in Jester and had something fester he went to the doctor whose name was Ester, when he saw he pulled out his saw and chopped off his arm. The man said "There you go." and ho ho ho Merry Christmas to ya and walked out then he went around the roundabout then dropped right on a bed and his last words were "What a soft landing."  

2. Once there was a man who lived in a pan and ate his shoe with goo then he saw a cat that he grabbed and ran for his life and told his wife.

3. Once there was a dwarf who lived by the wharf then a man eating some ham said "Why don’t you go for a swim?" with a funny grin the dwarf replied and said "If you don’t go away i'll make you pay!" then the man ran in terror and sparks flew out of his body then he started yelling error and fell into shark infested terror.

4.There once  was a maid who loved marmalade and her boss made marmalade then she just couldn't resist the temptation, she ate it whole even with the bowl and when her boss found out she made her walk on hot coal.

5. Once there was a man who drove a golden Holden then one day it got stolen and he never saw it again.