Thursday, 7 November 2013

The past few days I have been reading a book called the Vege car. You can find it in the School Journal part 3 number one 2007.

The story was about a man that made his car run on vegetable oil instead of normal fuel.

One of the questions I had to answer on the task sheet that I was given was: has this text shown how important it is to save the environment? How?Explain your answer. I think that what he is doing is great for the environment because in the book it says that the vegetable oil that he is using is 100% good for environment.

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Aarmione said...

Hi Lennyx. I think that the man that decided to change his petrol to Vege oil is a fantastic idea, and it does not pollute the air as much as petrol does. Keep up the good work! Aarmione.

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