Friday, 22 August 2014

W.A.L.T  to solve problems by cross referencing. 

This is a logic puzzle that I did today it shows us that Leo purchased onions for $6.25 it also tells us that Olive     has purchased rhubarb for $7.25 it also shows Alisha has bought parsnips for $4.25 and that Kathryn bought kale for $5.25.    

Thursday, 14 August 2014

  1. At school this term we are learning about natural disasters on the 29th of September 2009 an earthquake struck Samoa and Tonga, after the earthquake there was a very bad tsunami.   

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Tae kwon do recount

It was a cold crisp morning and we were lining up to go to Tae kwon do. As we emerged into the school hall our instructor was no where to be seen, but a couple of minutes later she appeared into the hall. We started the session with a warm up, we were doing horse stances and punching for our warm up. When we finished our warm up, we started punching drills. She showed us how to punch in Tae kwon do, and after she had finished the demonstration, my class and I tried the punches. There were three targets that were all different sizes. After we punched one we alternated targets. after that drill we learnt a counter attack where you jump like you are avoiding a lower or sweeping kick and then do 2 separate punches on different targets. After we punched one target we went to the next target. After we learnt how to get out of 2 different grabs and we finished of with a game of helicopters and fire.