Monday, 19 August 2013

Reflection of Week 3

This is a reflection of what I learnt last week.

This week I have learnt that pi is 3.14  and how to use it to find the circumference of circles. I also learnt how to  measure the perimeter of shapes.

I also learnt how to write a persuasive text. It was about whether children should work from the age of 8 to get their own money. I personally agreed.

In reading I learnt that in India they use the methane gas from cow dung to cook their food.  

Friday, 16 August 2013

This week we were learning how to write persuasive writing. This is my writing on the topic we were discussing.

The topic being addressed in this text is the notion that children should work for their own money from the age of 8.

I strongly agree that  children should work from the age of 8 and I will support my position with arguments in this text.

First, it would teach children self management and could also teach children to set goals. It would teach children how to save up for something that they would like.

Secondly, it would teach them how to be more responsible in life. It would teach them to manage their time by saying no to going out because they have to work.

Thirdly, children wouldn't have to miss out on school because children's parents could home school them for an hour or more.

Fourthly there might be less poverty because the children could help out with the bills and they would have money to  fall back on.

Finally, I  strongly agree with this topic. I have elaborated on why I agree with this topic and hope children will be able to work from the age of 8 to support themselves.


Tuesday, 13 August 2013

On the Tenth of August a 33 year old man named Phillip Layton Edwards was on the run after   he kidnapped a toddler named Gabriel Donnelly. They found the toddler in a garage half naked, he had no t shirt on and was cold but he was unharmed. Phillip served a nine year term after killing a former television host David Mcnee he was 55 years old. Phillips is still on the run from Auckland Police.     

Thursday, 1 August 2013

In my holiday’s i went for a long 3 hour bush walk at Hunua Falls in South Auckland. At one point we had to go up 18 flights of stairs, but it wasn't all bad because on the way there I saw some stunning views. My dad an I scared my mum sister and brother by hiding in the bushes and under the bridge then jumping out and frightening them!.

Then we had to walk on some rocks to get over a stream and my brother fell in but he only wet his shoes because my dad caught him just in time.  At the end of the walk we turned and headed back to the start. We then grabbed out our food and ate it by the extremely loud and big waterfall.  My dad told me that he jumped off the waterfall once with his friends.

I also went to Rainbows End with my brother, sister, my Poppa,[grandpa] my Auntie and my two cousins. We went on the roller coaster the fear-fall, log flume, power surge, invader and the pirate ship. The fear fall and the corkscrew roller coaster were thrilling rides ... I loved it!!