Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Net-book Reflection

How has having a netbook helped my learning ?

Having a netbook has helped me in my learning because if I don't know something I can Google
it and find out simpler and easier ways and if I had paper I would have to ask others or the teacher and that wastes time and if the teacher is testing I can't disturb her
Has having a netbook helped you communicate with the teacher ?

It has helped me communicate with the teacher  because all I have to do with my work is put in the the correct folder then my teacher can see my work

What have you learnt on-line ?

I have learnt how to use Google docs and how to use my email account and how to use a blog

What have you learnt from your friends ?

I have learnt how to post presentation on my blog and how to the whole of Google such as [ Google images Google docs Google maps and Google sites.]

Have you helped any other people this year ?

Yes I have helped someone this year I helped someone with spelling using my netbook.
How has digital learning help your learning ?

It has helped me because of the websites that our teacher gives us like study ladder and other websites that our teacher gives us.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas questions

Christmas Questions

When was Christmas first celebrated?I researched and found that
Christmas was first celebrated in 1038.

Why do people  to celebrate Christmas? Most people celebrate Christmas because of  the birth of Jesus Christ.

Who is Santa? Santa is believed to be Sir Nicolas.

Where was Christmas first celebrated. Christmas was celebrated it Britain and  originated from there.

What are the Issues with Christmas? One issue is that some parents buy too much and waste all their money and although there kids are happy  on Christmas and sometimes the kids will lose it or break it and then they have nothing to show for the money that that the parents wasted.