Thursday, 13 November 2014

Mmm, That’s Tasty! by Neville Gardner
School Journal June 2012

WALT: Begin to use a range of scientific symbols, conventions, and vocabulary.
SC:      Complete a small science report on the taste + smell experiement

  1. There are 5 main flavour receptors. Sweet, Salty, Bitter, Sour and Umami.
List some foods fit each of the flavour receptors.  SHARE

  • Coffee
  • Vanilla
  • Salt KFC
  • Lemon Grapefruit
  • Sugar candy floss
Umami (savoury)
  • tomatoes  meat

  1. Record the words you didn’t know before. Add a picture or sentence to describe what they mean.

Papillae (p.26)
A small fleshy part of the tongue.
Receptor (p.26 )
they recognize tastes and send info to the brain
texture (p.25)
the feel or look of something
recognise (p.28)
identify something that you have had before

Question: Do our taste buds require smell? our taste buds require smell to help us taste they do that by  smelling because if smells nice it probably tastes nice.

Hypothesis:  I think that we won't be able to taste much. because we partly use our nose and eyes to taste.


1.Cover your eyes and block your nose.
2.Then but a jelly bean in your mouth chew but don't swallow.
3.See what you can taste then let go of your nose then see what you can taste.

Observations: when I blocked my nose I could only taste sweet but when I let my nose go I could taste the jellybeans properly.  

Conclusion: my hypothesis was correct when i did the experiment i could only taste sweet not the proper flavour.