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The Three Parrots by Irene Swadling

WALT: answer questions based on the text by looking for clues in the text.

Activity 1 - Comprehension
Read the story and then answer these questions.
1. What is this story about? the story is about two boastful birds

2. Who are the characters in this story? tahi became kakapo toru became kea and rua an tui  

3. Where does this story take place? in the forest

4. What is the conflict or problem in this story? the two brothers keep being boastful

5. How was the conflict resolved? it was resolved by separating the two birds far away from each other

6. Which character would you choose to be if you were given a chance to be in this the tui so that i didn't feel regret which rua did
            story? Why?

7. Where do you think Tane Mahuta lived?  in the totara

8. What did Tane Mahuta do to help Rua? send them out of the forest and away from each other

Activity 2 - Vocabulary

Use these words in complex sentences.

1. forest.  The forest was large vast and had man eating animals .

2. boastful. The boy was a very braggart person .

3. different . the boy was different to the other kids

4. feathers. the bird has very elegant feathers.

5. listen . the kids never listens to their parents

6. laughed the people laughed at the comedian

7. beautiful the fish had beautiful scales

8. disappeared this toy a had disappeared for ages

9. mountains. the mountains had icey snow at the top of the mountains  

10. together. the boy stayed together with his twin

Activity 3 - Punctuation

Write these paragraphs using correct punctuations.

once upon a time, a very long time ago, three parrots lived in the forest of aotearoa.  Their names were Tahi Rua and Toru.

Tahi and toru were brothers. They were very vain and boastful.

“Look at my lovely green feathers,’’ boomed tahi.  No one else has feathers as green as mine.”

‘’Just look at the red under my wings,’’  screeched toru.  Its brighter than the sunset.’’

They squabble all day long.  Tui and Korimako couldn't hear themselves sing, and kereru choked on her berries.

‘’Please rua’’,  they begged.  Make your brothers stop that noise.”

Activity 4 - Sentence Starters 1

Make sentences using these sentences starters:

1. When wizard gargamel sent the man eating bird spiders the village went to doom .

2. After the hero stopped the the evil wizard all to to good and the hero went home the end

3. Then when he got home the city had had been over run by  
the criminals of the city.

4. Soon her geared up and went off to find the criminals of the city and to bring them to justice

5. Once he had found the hideout of a few criminals he tried to find the entrance of the liar

6. As he was snooping around he tried to press bricks but nothing  no entrance was visible.

7. While he was looking for an entrance there was trouble about in the city.

8. Finally he found the entrance and snuck inside.

9. All of a sudden all of the villains were there there were having a meeting and all of a sudden bullets when flying but no it was just a little  firefly he pounced up and pow pow boom all the criminals were knocked out   

after a while the criminals woke up in side bars and the city was restored to peace.  

Activity 5 - Sentence Starte                                                              b

Read these Sentence Starters

The Sentence Starters

Choose One

  1. Through the open door she could see | examples
  2. The moment he saw the picture, he | examples
  3. Five minutes later he opened his mouth
  4. One sees now that she would open she mouth
  5. She opened the door and the shut their mouth
  6. I thought for a moment and then boom
  7. The thing that helped save him was mouse
  8. For this purpose, they made a very good friend ship
  9. There is nothing here but a piece of paper
  10. The men were stunned when they saw a spider dog
  11. We have journeyed far and now we must
  12. As she watched the leaves drift
  13. They were beginning to look for
  14. The dull gray hours passed then suddenly
  15. What a strange noise that is, it sounds like a
  16. He insisted that they should
  17. Some of the people were shocked when
  18. On this occasion the presents were
  19. He sat for a while and then
  20. She looked back when she heard the

my feathers are much softer than yours  look at my lovely green feathers boomed tahi its brighter than the sunset make your brothers stop that noise just look at the red under my wings make your brothers stop that noise  

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