Friday, 14 June 2013

Our Netball Session with Gina

WALT : write a recount it must have at least 6 different sentence starters and at least  two examples of direct speech and a similes.

On Friday the 7th of June we were playing netball. We all participated in netball except for one student with an ankle injury. We were all divided into three teams. The number of players in each team were 9, 9 and 10 the team names were the Underdogs, Queensland,and New South Wales.

In the first game it was the underdogs vs NSW, the QLD won against the underdogs in the next match it was QLD vs NSW the bib colour was purple and blue the NSW was in the purple and QLD NSW was like lightning bolts “Go NSW!” shouted the NSW subs There was a load of different positions we were playing at. It was my first time playing netball. It wasn't that bad but I still prefer  Basketball because you can dribble and the hoop has a back board and you aren't limited to one spot. You can travel around the  whole court  without any restrictions or penalties when you move around the court and you can dunk the ball .  The coach  was Miss Gina.

When I was playing I thought that it was a  really  complicated sport that’s why I don't like netball.

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