Thursday, 26 June 2014

Watched Upon

Watched Upon

In the cold winter night,
the seven stars of matariki shine bright.
only once a year the seven shine,
waiting for someone else to fall in line.
Fall in line of men before
Seven brothers who love and adore
Seven sisters,  
urging to be free,
urging to find more
men to deceive.
To feel the sun on their face
To feel the rain trickling down
to bring back their race
trying to put mankind beneath them.
Festive nights, bond fire in the night fires light
shining so bright.



Stephanie Parker said...

You write poetry well Lennyx, it allows your creativity. You include rhyme with subtlety and I like your line of "urging to be free, urging to find more"
I hope you enjoyed this workshop. Keep it up.
Mrs Parker.

Jack said...

cool I liked the words in your poem and rymes

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