Thursday, 2 April 2015

Term 1 Reflection

During term 1 our class had good, bad, and ugly times we started of the term with a familiar teacher Mrs Tofa.

our class were going to M.A.D.D workshops where we learnt about our cultural beginnings and how everybody is unique in their own way. Mr Petia, who is one of the teachers at the M.A.D.D workshops donated his art work, which he would draw after the workshop, he drew Superman, Hulk Flash, and Captain America with more to come.

We also had our last ever Life Education session in the Life Education Caravan we learnt about how drugs and Alcohol can affect puberty. we also learnt about the 5 body systems which are the Respiratory  system, Digestive system, Circulatory system, Nervous system and the immune system.

After our lunch breaks we would then go to the pool and swim, when we were swimming some of the class learnt new swimming styles and improved on Freestyle and Backstroke, the new styles some people learnt are Butterfly and Breaststroke.  After we had done our swimming exercises  we would get free time to play in the pool.

This year Mr Nath picked 16 players to go the tamaki cluster cricket tournament. During our lunch time we would play cricket and he would coach us on what we need to work on. we won all our games except 1 against St Pius. But our team still came first out of the whole tamaki cluster.

The senior school also participated in the welcoming of two boats that came from Hawaii using the same tools that the maori people used to get to New Zealand. We had to walk to the Point England beach and sit on the grass only a few meters away from the shore of the beach. After about 5 minutes of sitting and looking around we started to see another boat coming around the corner. We were watching the boat and the people come off it using a little boat carrying the people in groups of four, soon after all of the people were on land and all the schools, which was most of the ones in the tamaki cluster stood up and did a haka, we repeated it about 8 to 10 times. Once we finished our haka we sang some songs and listened to some speeches. After everybody had finished speaking we stood up in lines and went down to meet the people that sailed here from Hawaii.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

M.A.D.D Workshop

Today at our M.A.D.D work shop we learnt about different talents and skills, we also learnt the difference between the two. Our M.A.D.D  teacher said that talents are natural but skill take practise. He also said that mistakes aren't always a bad thing and that you should try to do what you are good at and that for some athletes it takes 10,000 hours of practise to get to where they are after he had told us about that he split us into groups and each group had to do a skit. after our skit he drew wonder woman and donated it to the school like his previous drawings.