Friday, 23 October 2015

Today's Technologie.

Today at Graphics technology we started to make the paper stencils for the T-shirts that we are making. I traced the design for my design which was Darth Vader. After I had traced that design I searched the internet for other things that I could use but the bell rang and we had a short walk back to school.

Today's Tech.

Last Friday at technology we made Chocolate log cake. Our Chocolate log cake was made from Sugar, Cocoa, Flour, Baking powder, Butter, Milk and an Egg.

We melted  

Dance Fever.

Today after morning tea my class had our first season of Dance Fever.Today was our first session because last week we were at camp. At the start of our lesson we learnt our Hip Hop dance steps, our Hip Hop routine has 3 parts to it which weren't to hard to learn. After we had learnt our Hip Hop routine we moved on to the Samba. We learnt the hard parts of the Samba dance which we have to perform at the end of the year.