Friday, 5 June 2015

My World War 1 Inquiry Project Presentation

This term we learned about World War 1 and the 100th year of the ANZAC. The school commemorated the centenary year with an emotional remembrance day "Lest we forget." This is when I decided to inquire into what happened in World War 1.

My peers and I did our inquiry projects around this theme. I researched information about WW1, processed the information, used relevant facts and suitable images to produce this movie. I storyboarded my ideas and facts, and then found suitable images to relate to and support my facts. 

I enjoyed learning about the war, creating my movie and sharing it with the rest of the world. I wish to acknowledge the user friendly BBC Schools - World War One website I found very useful for facts and images about some aspects of war. 

Please watch the movie and leave a comment. Thanks

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Mrs Tofa said...

Hi Lennyx. I like the way you have chosen to make a movie to share what you learnt about the war and the ANZACS. The images you have chosen are very child friendly and your narration is great.

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