Friday, 24 May 2013

A long time ago there was a girl that's mother died and her father remarried a woman that didn't like Cinderella a bit. An made Cinderella a made and gave her rags to wear and and old scraps to eat. Meanwhile her two daughters got fancy clothes and delicious food  and she had to work all day but when the evening came Cinderella got to go to sit by the fire by the cinders and that is why they call her Cinderella.

But one day there was letter at the door and it said the royal family is
hosting a ball tomorrow night. But Cinderella didn't even dare ask if
she can go because she knew that the answer would be no you have to stay home and wash the dishes and wash the laundry. So when the of the ball came the sister and the mum went to the ball and when they were well away a ball of light randomly appeared and it was a fairy
the fairy said i am your god mother. Now if you want to go the the ball which i know you want to so much get me a kumara 7 kiwis so 5 minutes later Cinderella came back with a kumara and 7 kiwis.And now all we need is a dress and some shoes said the fairy and poof there they were. She went to the ball and meet the prince and they danced and had a great time but when   the clock hit 12 o'clock ..........nothing happened and they had a great time and and lived happily ever after.


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