Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Yesterday on the 9th of May, the junior school went first then  the middle and senior school went together to the stardome observatory. We went on the bus there we were going there because our school subject is to learn about transport. first we went into the auditorium.  First it started in the human brain  then it went on into the blood rushing through the veins that were heading to the heart then we went into the heart and made our way into one of the lungs.
then we went out of the body  and into space after the movie we had a look at the star constellations i saw my zodiac star sign taurus the bull  then we saw the dangers of being in space. some of them were gamma waves, floating away into space, freezing to death,  being burnt to death,. Those are some of them after it was finished we went outside and interacted with the objects then we went to another room and we saw how the astronauts brush their teeth. they have water in a packet he gets his water and squeezes it onto his tooth brush and suckes out the left over water and drinks it then he puts  a little bit of toothpaste and starts brushes his teeth then instead of spitting it out  he swallows it  then he put some more water on it and drinks the
leftover water. It was a short trip but I learned heap.

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